Young carrots pulled from the ground at Congresbury Allotments

Allotment holders were shocked on Saturday morning to discover that several plots had been trashed on Friday night.

“It was heartbreaking,” said Allotment Association secretary Susan Hibberd. Potato plants had been pulled up before they were ready to harvest as were young carrots with pea plants tugged out of the soil and let lying around. “It’s just stupid,” said Susan.

“It’s malicious also to pull up strawberry plants, soft fruit bushes and crush a beautiful cultivated blackberry under a paving slab.”

The destruction continued with a whole row of runner beans canes pushed over while flowering artichokes, sunflowers and cottage garden plant were all toppled over and netting torn to get at cauliflowers.

Storage boxes were broken into and tools stolen and a metal incinerator was crushed. There was also more minor damage to other plots with storage boxes tipped out.

“The allotments have been a wonderful refuge during the Covid 19 crisis. There are no vacant plots and the hard work put in for months by local residents really shows,” said Susan.

“This is not the first time we have had unwelcome visitors this year. There have been repeated thefts of tools. Those can be replaced. But such apparently random and ignorant destruction of growing plants has not happened before,” she said.

If anyone has additional information, please contact the Parish Office (01934 838802).The damage has been reported to the police and the offenders possibly caught on nearby CCTV.