It’s surprising that St. Andrew’s church did not lose their roof with the stupendous sound raised by the Joyful Spirit Gospel choir and the Appleshed young people’s group, when they gave a concert in the church, postponed a week after the snow.

The church was full to bursting, and the audience responded as enthusiastically as the performers. The 40 strong Gospel choir were conducted by Alison Cooper, who led a succession of spirited, uplifting songs, accompanied by appropriate gestures and clapping, and with many strong soloists. The conductor showed her versatility when she accompanied one song on a saxophone. Outstanding among the items was a solo by Tina Gue, in a style reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald, and an arrangement of Amazing Grace with beautiful solos by Fiona Phillips, Claire Kelly and Sally Vaux. click here for the full report written by Marion Johnson