Once a month, open and close the toilets at the Ship and Castle car park.


It’s worth clicking to read Michael Greaves’s eulogy on the subject


 Once a month I have one of the best jobs in Congresbury. Its only two days work, but one of the benefits is you get a chance to walk around the Millennium Green on Saturday and Sunday. I only have to open and close the toilets in the ‘Ship and Castle Car Park’, but it gives me a good excuse to enjoy a walk around one of my favourite parts of the Village. There are of course, many other benefits too numerous to mention.

On my first ‘Toilet Duty’ in 2017 the weather was rather dull, but the Millennium Green was poised to welcome spring. Sunday mornings are rather special, the early morning dog walkers always give you’re a smile or more often a cheery ‘Good Morning’. This week was no exception, there were only 4 people out walking but they were all happy to chat.

Every time I do my circumnavigation, I think back to the hours of work and meetings I had with the late Sue Grant. Sue was the inspiration behind the Green and managed to get the money to buy the land, build the bridge and put up the fences and lay the paths. The small group of stones near the bus stop are like a miniature Stonehenge and were placed there as a small tribute to her vision and energy.

Sunday was a misty morning, but the birds were singing their heads off. It’s a little early in the year for the ‘Dawn Chorus’ but they were certainly practicing. One cheeky Robin was in great voice and followed me around hopping from tree to tree. Even the Pigeons were cooing away. With hardly any traffic noise the bird song is amplified in the natural amphitheatre.

The River was in a relaxed mood, without much rain it was a bit slow moving. A bit like the three ducks who were floating under the bridge hoping for breakfast. Last year there were at least a dozen Mallard and even a white Aylesbury duck who squabbled over the crusts dispersed by visitors.

One hopeful Fisherman was perched precariously on the river bank just above the bridge. He looked a bit despondent but as my walk only took 15 minutes he might well have caught something after I left.

Many residents planted and donated trees on the Millennium Green in memory of loved ones and former residents of Congresbury. Although all the leaves are gone, there are already signs that the buds are starting to form. The Willow trees are usually the first to appear and will be making an appearance in the next month. I am confident there will be ‘Spring’ again this year. It hasn’t suffered from the financial cuts or Brexit.

If you are like me, looking for a job that’s only two days a month and takes about 15 minutes a day to open and close the toilets. You won’t have to pay any income tax, but the benefits are fantastic – the good news is ‘THERE ARE VACANCIES’ ! Phone or speak to the Parish Clerk tel: 01934 838802.

Michael Greaves