Autumn is with us again and we reiterate advice about making your home look occupied even when you are out – leaving lights on timers etc. It is also a busy time of the year for seasonal celebrations and activities, some of which are mentioned below.

Halloween – flyers asking Trick or Treaters not to call at the door are available. Contact your local Neighbourhood Watch office for your free copies

Carnival Season – many people take the opportunity to go out to watch these spectacular events. Make sure that houses are secure when they are unattended and make your property look occupied even when it is not.

Bonfire Night – again a time for people to go out and enjoy themselves, and again make sure that homes etc. are secure and that pets are kept in a safe place.

Christmas – Don’t leave temptation in the way of the would-be criminal
VEHICLES – ensure no shopping or personal items are on display in a vehicle when it is unattended.
HOME – don’t leave wrapped presents on display at home, whether they areunderneath the tree or not.
ON-LINE – take extra care buying on-line. Use secure payments, keep passwords secure, ensure security on your computer is up to date, and don’t open Emails or attachments that you are not expecting.
Free seasonal advice leaflets available from your local Neighbourhood Watch office.

Be aware – if you publicise your forthcoming holiday on social media or post updates while you are away you may be putting your house insurance at risk. Most insurance companies have a`reasonable care’ clause for use in cases where doors or windows have been left open and aproperty deemed insecure. But this clause is increasingly being used in cases where victims of

burglaries have posted holiday pictures or announced forthcoming trips.


The police website has a good deal of useful crime reduction advice available that you can access by searching the website ( or by using the following link
Advice ranges from keeping yourself safe, to protecting your home and even keeping yourself safe on line.