This Friday the country will celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day – marking the allied victory in Europe.

VE Day in Wrington Lane, 1945. Picture courtesy Clive Burlton

Our picture, courtesy of Clive Burlton, shows residents of Wrington Lane celebrating VE Day in 1945. 

Clive says that this Friday, they are going to attempt “a safe distanced replication as a doffing of the cap to that generation…”

Clive and Chris Short of Congresbury History Group have also updated the story of ‘The Night the Luftwaffe dropped in on Congresbury’. It ended up with the crew of a Heinkel bomber who had to bail out being captured near Kent Road – where Tesco Express is today – by members of the Home Guard; another behind Wrington Lane near where Verlands is today and another near the Star Inn on Rhodyate Hill by another Home Guard from the Congresbury Platoon. You can read the full account here.