Congresbury residents living on and near Wrington Lane are furious that North Somerset Council has not written to them about a proposal to make the road even narrower than it is at present.

They want to be given the chance to comment formally on a last-minute road amendment from Gladman Developments to their application to build 50 houses on this country lane. North Somerset Council wrote to only a few homes very close to the proposed development asking for their comments.

Residents insist that any change to the layout and width of the road will affect everyone using the road system.

They point out that if the new road plan is accepted and encourages North Somerset officers and councillors to approve the Gladman Development at least a third more cars will be being using a road narrowed to 3.6 or 3.7 metres in several places.

250117_wrington_lanePermission has already been given to Sunley Homes for 38 homes in fields off Cobthorn Way. That, plus 50 more homes if Gladman get approval, will make the road pretty well impassable at times, the residents claim.

Residents are very concerned that the plan does not show the junctions at either end of Wrington Lane. Both are, to say the least, tricky – even with the current layout and would become a nightmare in peak hours if the road were any narrower and if the proposed ‘Give way to oncoming traffic’ were installed in two places where oncoming traffic cannot be seen.

The residents point out that the continuous footway suggested to increase pedestrian safety (and narrow the road, especially near the sharp junction with Kent Rd and the A370) is below the recommended width, has numerous lamp posts and telegraph poles in the way and a high wall that could easily collapse if foundations are disturbed.

There is also an ongoing dispute on land ownership for part of the planned footway. The other really worrying feature of the road plan is to divert the narrowest part of Wrington Lane (2.9 metres) almost 90 deg into the site access, blocking visibility in both directions (and blocking the path of water draining off Wrington Hill.)

It is also noted that the North Somerset planning website was down all over the weekend (and for part of the previous week.) The ‘Comment’ button has vanished on the original Gladman application so even residents who have been contacted by North Somerset Council and asked to comment, can’t – except by post.

Susan Hibberd