The Congresbury Christmas Market is back this year and will be held on Wednesday 8th December from 6-8.30 pm.  Yatton and Congresbury Wildlife Action Group (YACWAG)  is taking the opportunity to put up a display about their new nature reserve off Cobthorn Way.  The reserve has been given to YACWAG through the planning process to manage especially for the Greater Horseshoe Bat. There are estimated to be only about 12,000 of these larger bats left in the UK and Congresbury has up to 1000 of them visiting local pastures to feed on insects.  Greater Horseshoe Bats particularly like a landscape with lots of trees and hedges with small fields that are grazed by sheep and cattle. YACWAG will be managing the reserve to provide the dung beetles and moths that are needed by juvenile bats in the summer.

You can find out more about Greater Horseshoe Bats at the YACWAG stand, talk to YACWAG members and sign up to be a volunteer for YACWAG. YACWAG is a partner with UWE in a Greater Horseshoe Bat project that is collecting information about these mysterious creatures of the night. Next spring there will be a chance to be involved in a citizen science project in this area as well as doing some practical work on the reserve.