We have had the following response from another villager to the posting regarding the closure of the weir and footpaths:

I  am a regular dog walker around the fields along the river.

Earlier this week, I spoke to the contractor who was overseeing the team working on the mill pond. I understand from that conversation that there is an agreement between the Environment Agency and Urchinwood Farm that the normal path up the river from the weir should be diverted down the side of the Urchinwood field crossing over the rhyne close to the gate on the right of way to allow access through that normal gate into the further Urchinwood field.

There are a possible two crossings over the rhyne. At the time of writing both  crossings are barred, one by gates the other by barriers which have not been put in place by the contractors working on the mill pond. Neither crossing is easy as they are overgrown with nettles. Furthermore, the nearby gate between the two Urchinwood fields has been padlocked, the hinge secured and the gate wired with barbed wire with a notice stating that it is not a right of way. Further similar notices have been posted nearer the Millenium Field. Walkers have taken to climbing over the Urchinwood gate regardless of the warning sign or the barbed wire.

To add to the frustration of walkers, the works around the mill pond have been complicated by changes to the mill pond since the original Environment Agency survey some time ago. These changes are adding considerably to the time it is taking to complete the works.

I emphasise that I have not spoken directly to the Environment Agency, but have no reason to doubt the word of the contractor to whom I have spoken.

Editors Note:
This is clearly going to be of concern to many in the village and it is suggested that all comments on the closure of the weir and footpaths are sent to Congresbury Parish Council and/or the Environment Agency.