FREE taster session at Congresbury Youth Club  between 4.30pm and 6pm on Monday 1st October. 

Aimed for children aged between 8years – 12 years old.

Young people and parents can come and find out what it’s all about, and register to join us.   Subsequent sessions will  be scheduled every Monday of term time,  at times from 3.30 until about 6.30, depending on demand.  They will  cost  £1.50 per session, and initially equipment will be available to borrow.  Keen new programmers may eventually need to buy themselves some equipment, perhaps a  Raspberry  Pi of their own to work on at home, but no need to do so immediately.  Our tutors will advise you. What is a Raspberry Pi?   It’s a tiny computer, cheap enough that young people can experiment with programming it themselves, and through our project can develop coding skills to produce simple games, control models and much more. We can also help you with the programming language Python, which you may need for your IT homework.

If you are a young person interested in joining this group, come along on Oct 1st, or contact

Check out:  Our club may not be exactly like this, but it gives you an idea.

If you are an adult with any time to help, please let us know.  Skills are not essential.    We need tea-makers as well as computer programmers, though a  knowledge of both would be perfect, of course.