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Does your car have keyless entry?

Criminals can now intercept and clone key fob signals from a few metres away, even if the key fob is inside your home and they are outside.

The device they use fools your vehicle into thinking the original fob is nearby, unlocking the car and allowing the thief to use its push-button ignition and drive away.

This can take place in just 20–30 seconds.

According to Aviva, owners of keyless entry vehicles are twice as likely to make a theft claim. What’s more, almost 70% of all SmarTrack vehicle recoveries were related to keyless theft in 2023 – a figure likely to go up in 2024.

A Faraday pouch will block the radio signal your key fob emits, and physical deterrents like steering wheel locks are highly effective against opportunist thieves. You can also sign up to our Neighbourhood Watch Scheme to deter crime in your local area: Neighbourhood Watch Scheme | Avon and Somerset Police

Stay vigilant against vehicle theft. Follow our tips to keep your car safe.