YACWAG’s call for volunteers to help start work to reveal the platforms at Congresbury’s long disused railway station (see details here) prompted Michael Greaves to contact us with this sketch and a note on the station.

“It was always my hope that when the platforms are restored the original Waiting Room could be rebuilt,” he writes. “I am attaching a copy of my thumbnail sketch of the original waiting room that was sadly demolished when the line was closed.

“The platforms are unique as the up line platform was built with carboniferous limestone from Henley Quarry on Cadbury Hill, but the down platform is the lovely stone quarried at Draycott in Somerset. It’s a Dolomitic Conglomerate stone which when polished is known as Draycott Marble. Perhaps the most famous use is the table top in the entrance of  Longleat House in Wiltshire. Both platforms are excellent examples of Victorian engineering and form an important part of Congresbury’s history.

Michael Greaves’ drawing of the waiting room at Congresbury Station