Congresbury War Memorial Hall is 101 yrs. old this year. It is a large site which includes a large main hall, skittle alley, snooker room, club room and other associated facilities. This was a very popular venue in the 1980’s but the popularity declined as did the site.

A massive effort has been made by a dedicated band of volunteers over the last year in improving the interior, painting most of the surfaces and fixing a number of roof leaks which puts the site in a much more presentable state. The snooker room for example, has a new roof.

While some maintenance issues remain to be fixed, the main hall space has been improved by the fitting of LED lighting and the sanding and surfacing of the floor. Eventually roof windows will be installed to let in natural light for the first time in many years.  The rear club room has been refurbished and a new insulated ceiling installed. The skittle alley roof is the next big project.Discussions are also being undertaken with regard to the re-arrangement of the skittle alley area making a more welcoming space.

We already have some bookings from activities which have to socially distance. More bookings are to be expected as the improvements works continue and the covid situation eases. The committee see a bright future developing for the hall as the covid situation improves.

Volunteers are determined to bring this large site back to a condition which will encourage local organisations and clubs to consider using its facilities. This is an exciting as well as a daunting project and we need all the help we can get. If you are passing during late morning and covid is a thing of the past, why not take a look inside to see what is going on. We do have a kettle and coffee at hand.

The War Memorial Hall is not only a memorial but one of the village’s mostimportant buildings. We have a duty to try to bring it back to a condition in which the residents of our village will feel that it is attractive to use.