Janet Edwards with her prizewinning orchids

A difficult Spring for local gardeners did affect the entries at the Congresbury Horticultural Society Spring Show on Saturday, but villagers pulled out all the stops and produced a colourful and enjoyable event.

Show Secretary Lyn Bacon summed it up when she said that the warm weather encouraged all the daffodils to open early, and they were then drastically damaged by wind and rain.

However the Old School Rooms still blossomed with a feast of colour and perfume, and, once again, children’s entries were numerous and fascinating.

Huge sticks of rhubarb brightened up the one vegetable class, where Val Hodgson beat the opposition with her three stunning leeks.

Judy Brook featured high among the prizewinners and took home three trophies.

She won the Frank Calcraft trophy for the most points in three daffodil and narcissi classes for Congresbury residents, the Spring Show award for the resident gaining the most points in all the daffodil and narcissi classes, and the Meg Kitchen award for the best pot of February Gold daffodils.

A superb display of orchids, entered by Janet Edwards, proved eye catching feature, and she won the South Avon Mercury cup for the best exhibit in the floral classes.

A range of flower and shrub entries brought success to Jane Hares, gaining her the Stan Morgan memorial trophy for the most points by a Congresbury resident.

Once again Ann King showed her prowess as a skilled cook, with prize-winning entries of marmalade, scones, Easter biscuits, and lemon drizzle cake, and won the Alvis Award for the Congresbury resident with the most domestic points.

Gordon Bunney was definitely the photographer of the day, with first prizes in three classes; a lively photo of a duck splashing its wings, a superb picture of the Pero bridge in Bristol for the night scene, and an evocative entry of grasses blowing in the wind. He took home the Jim Ward trophy for the most points.

Annette Vincent came first among the photos from under 16’s, with an amusing picture entitled “Come on Dad, work it out!”

As always, the children’s entries were a delight.

Nyree Parry beat 54 pictures of a space landscape to win first prize, Felicity Smith was judged to have painted the best rainbow against serious competition, and Megan Riddell-Hutchings picture of a turtle was acclaimed the best animal silhouette.

There were over 50 pictures of flowers entered by the younger children, but Ashton King’s entry was awarded a Best Exhibit.

The Hogarth name was evident again among the winners, with Matilda entering the best decorated egg.

Marion Johnson