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Do you have a story to share?

Do you have a military service background?

Did you complete National Service?

Did your husband or wife serve in the Armed Forces?

The Village Agents would like to hear from you as part of a mapping project that will inform the provision of support to those who are members of the Armed Forces family.

The Rural Hidden Heroes project has been celebrating the service of servicemen and women and their spouses, widows, widowers and dependents. Many local people have stepped forward to share their stories and we would like to bring those together for an exhibition and community event.

For more information or to add your details please contact or call 01275 333 700


Afternoon Woman’s Institute

The Congresbury afternoon WI meet in the Methodist Hall on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2.15 and are a small, very friendly group, always happy to welcome visitors and new members.
Further information from our President, Val Harding, on 01934 833396 or the Secretary, Susan Hibberd, on 01934 833544

Click here for the 2017 programme


New Village Hall – we need your help

Having achieved outline planning permission, the project team have set a deadline of the end of December 2019 for the new building to be open. To ensure we can meet this timescale we need the whole community to get actively involved, particularly we are looking for villagers / businesses that can help:

  • Develop and progress the project, particularly with the following skills / expertise:
  Accounting   Legal
  Building design and construction   Major grant funding
  Community shares / crowdfunding   Publicity
  Community engagement   Social media
  Human Resources   Web design


  • With providing services, resources etc. to reduce the build and running costs e.g.
    • Fitting out –   Community café, security system, booking system etc
    • Equipment –   Lighting, sound, catering etc
    • Furniture
  • Organising and running fundraising activities.

Please contact either Lester Biffin on 01934 876082 or Graham Lovesey on 01934 838916 or email