Perhaps not the typical Somerset chocolate box village, but a rather special place between Bristol and Weston-super-Mare. The website gives a small glimpse of this wonderful village and the people who live, work and enjoy life here. Thanks to the diverse population it has numerous organisations, clubs, activities and a thriving social scene to suit all tastes. Those who come to live here seldom move again and make this their home to bring up their children and grow old in a caring community. With the city in one direction and a large town in the other, it has the best of both worlds, the countryside and town.

Being almost self contained, the village has great pride in what it can offer and its achievements. There are two thriving churches and an excellent primary school. It also boasts several pubs and a range of shops. Steeped in history and overlooked by an Iron Age fort, the Romans made pots here and the church was founded by St Congar.

The range of sporting activities includes football, cricket, tennis, bowls and fishing in the River Yeo. There is something for every taste or ability and the annual village fete shows off the beauty of the flowers as well as the abundance of its crops. Stay awhile, be made welcome and enjoy the experience.

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St Andrew’s Church, Congresbury – A Celebration of 800 Years

My book, celebrating 800 years since St Andrew’s church was consecrated, was published on the 7th March 2015 and very quickly sold out.

There was only money available to print 250 copies. My aim from the first was to make a version of the book available on a web site, so that those visiting or interested in the church could download and view extracts.

Chris Short

Click here to visit the Congresbury History Group Web Site and view the book.

Life on the Congresbury Yeo

A series of articles written in 2014 by Michael Greaves with photos by Isabelle Pearcey and Jenny Wall.





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