The trustees of the King George V playing fields in Congresbury, home to the cricket, tennis and football clubs, are looking for a volunteer to take on the role of Honorary Treasurer.

The KGV Fields were established in 1935 under a trust with the core purpose of the provision of sport and recreation for those who live in the Parish of Congresbury. The fields were transferred to Fields in Trust and are administered by the Trustees of the KGV Fields, Congresbury which is a registered charity. 

Under the terms of the trust the trustees consist of nominees from each of Congresbury cricket, football and tennis clubs, Congresbury parish council, St Andrews School and the British Legion. Additional trustees may be co-opted 

The trustees delegate the day-to-day management of the playing fields to Congresbury Recreation Club.

The role of the treasurer is to manage the trustees’ bank account, report on the financial position to the quarterly trustee meeting and prepare simple annual accounts for approval by the trustees. There are only on average three or four transactions a month with trustees net assets of some £5,000. Activity will increase going forward as the trustees will be the developer of the replacement sports and recreation building for which planning permission has recently been granted.

The role of Honorary Treasurer is not onerous and even with the increased activity involved in the development of a new building should not involve more than a few hours a month. Some financial knowledge/experience is desirable. The trustees use QuickBooks, a simple online accounting package. Training in the operation of this would be provided if required.

The KGV Fields are central to village life in Congresbury and are a fantastic community asset providing sport and recreational facilities to people of all ages. The cricket, football and tennis clubs are all thriving and the prospect of a new, modern building with facilities for all represents an exciting future.  Please consider whether you would like to be involved.

If you are interested please contact

Les Owen, Chair of the KGV Trustees

07902 874142