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29 Southlands Way Congresbury BS49 5BW

DateTue 21 Nov 2023
Application TypeMinor material amendment to 22/P/1291/FUH
DevelopmentMinor material amendment to 22/P/1291/FUH (Proposed erection of a two storey rear extension to North East elevation.) to allow change from approved brick finish to grey weatherboard cladding at first floor level.

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Cowslip Corner Brinsea Lane Congresbury BS49 5JW

DateMon 06 Nov 2023
Application TypeFull Planning Permission
DevelopmentProposed erection of a two-storey side extension to the eastern elevation, erection of a two storey and first-floor side extension to the western elevation and raising of the principle roof. Demolition of the existing garage and conservatory.

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Land At Brinsea Green Farm Brinsea Lane Congresbury

DateWed 25 Oct 2023
Application TypeFull Planning Permission
DevelopmentProposed Installation and operation of a renewable energy generating station comprising ground-mounted photovoltaic solar arrays and battery-based electricity storage containers together with a switchgear container, inverter/transformer units, a substation, site access, internal access tracks, security measures, access gates, other ancillary infrastructure and landscaping and biodiversity enhancements, with a widened gated access at the junction of Brinsea Green Farm and Brinsea Lane.

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Planning Application 39 Park Road Congresbury BS49 5HJ

DateFri 06 Oct 2023
Application TypeFull Planning Permission
DevelopmentProposed demolition of existing rear conservatory and erection of a 2 storey rear extension. Partial garage conversion and creation of pitched roof above. Replacement and alteration to all existing windows, installation of 2no. new windows at the first floor and extension of existing hard standing.

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Scheme for 90 Houses Behind Park Road & Mulberry Road

Congresbury’s residents are being urged to attend next Wednesday’s meeting of North Somerset Council’s planning committee to demonstrate their opposition to a new housing scheme.

The scheme, for up to 90 houses on a field behind Park and Mulberry Roads, has been hanging over residents for more than 18 months while land agents M7 tried to answer more than 1,000 objections to the plan.

Because the officer has recommended approval, Congresbury’s district councillor Dan Thomas has referred the matter to the council’s planning committee.

Said CRAG’s Mary Short: “This would be a high density, urban development on an ecologically, historically and socially important site which is totally inappropriate.

“Also, M7 seems to be trying to influence the decision by promising to build a new surgery. Their previous attempt at this was not supported by either the NHS or Mendip Vale Medical Practice, so it is a pointless offer.”

The Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for 2.30pm next Wednesday at Weston town hall, entrance through the old building.

Planning Application 42 Venus Street Congresbury BS49 5EZ

DateThu 14 Sep 2023
Application TypeFull Planning Permission
DevelopmentProposed demolition of existing front dormer and erection of 2no. replacement dormers in place, with 1no. velux window between. Erection a large rear dormer with Juliet balcony, replacement of windows and door within existing front porch and extension of flat roof over existing carport to create a canopy.

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Planning Application Congresbury FC, Broadstone Playing Field Stonewell Park Road Congresbury

DateMon 14 Aug 2023
Application TypeNon material amendment to application 22/P/2670/FUL
DevelopmentNon material amendment to application 22/P/2670/FUL (Siting of a temporary building (for period of 3 years) as storage and as a fitness training business for the club and the wider community) to allow for amendments to the external fenestration and materials of the temporary building and slight variation to the size of the building.

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Planning Application Land At Brinsea Road Farm Brinsea Batch Congresbury BS49 5JP

DateFri 30 Jun 2023
Application TypeLawful development certificate
DevelopmentLawful development certificate for the erection of a building used as a single office, and the use of land in connection with the operation of the building, not built in accordance with approved plans of planning permission 02/P/2500/F and in breach of condition 6 attached to planning permission 02/P/2500/F at Brinsea Industrial Estate, Brinsea Batch, Congresbury

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Planning Application 17 Southside Congresbury BS49 5BS

DateThu 29 Jun 2023
Application TypeRequest to discharge condition numbers 7 and 11
DevelopmentRequest to discharge condition numbers 7 (No development shall take place, including any works of demolition, until a Construction Method Statement has been submitted to, and approved by the Local Planning Authority) and condition 11 (energy saving by reducing carbon emissions generated by the building use). from application 21/P/0554/FUL.

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Planning Application 24 Verlands Congresbury BS49 5BL

DateTue 06 Jun 2023
Application TypePrior approval request
DevelopmentPrior approval request for the erection of a single storey rear extension with a flat roof that would 1) extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 5.40 metres; 2) have a maximum height of 3.30 metres and 3) have eaves that are 3.30 metres high.

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Planning Application Land Off Wrington Lane Congresbury

DateWed 15 Feb 2023
Application TypeNon material amendment to application 19/P/1657/RM
DevelopmentNon material amendment to application 19/P/1657/RM ( Reserved Matters application for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for the erection of 50no. dwellings and associated work pursuant to outline permission 16/P/1521/O ) The amended plans concern a materials layout plan showing an additional brick added to be used as a detail brick. This new brick is also depicted on a materials sheet. Additionally, due to internal discussions regarding standard product; barge boards have been removed from all housetypes and garages where practicable. Because of these changes, the corresponding plans from reserved matters application19/P/1657/RM are to be amended

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New Rec Club plans get go-ahead

An artist’s impression of the new pavilion and Recreation Club with the players’ balcony

Ambitious plans to rebuild Congresbury’s ageing Recreation Club as a two-storey, multi-functional pavilion and clubhouse have been approved by North Somerset planners.

A very rough cost estimate is between £1.2million and £1.4million giving the team behind the rebuild, known as Project Construct, two priorities, explains Les Owen, chairman of the King George V Trustees and president of Congresbury Cricket Club. 

The first is to develop more detailed plans and costs and agree the building approach. The second is to develop the fundraising strategy and plans. 

Project Construct already has a small group of people with building and project management experience serving on a development committee. Their role is to determine the detailed approach to the rebuild. They will also be responsible for seeking proposals from builders and appointing contractors.

“If anyone else in the village with relevant experience wants to join us, they would be very welcome,” said Mr Owen adding that the Trustees will act as the developer with all funding, accounting and financial control through the Trustees’ accounts.

A fundraising committee is also being established. Project Construct already has the backing of benefactors who have pledged significant financial support and is being advised by the England Cricket Board (ECB) and the Somerset Cricket Foundation.

Revised plans to rebuild the Rec Club were submitted to North Somerset planners in July last year following consultation with the ECB and feedback from North Somerset to initial pre-planning submissions made in November 2021.

The new sports and recreation building will have four separate unisex changing rooms and showers for both the cricket and tennis clubs for men, women and children to use on the upper level.  This layout creates far more space for the social activities of the club on the ground floor that can be divided into two so both private and members’ use is possible at the same time. It can also be opened up into one area for larger events.

“The new sports and recreation club building will deliver an important, modern facility in the centre of Congresbury,” said Mr Owen, adding that the trustees and the project committee would like to hear from anyone who is interested in helping in any way with this exciting village development.

You can get in touch by emailing